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Business Case: You’re an extraordinarily busy and short-staffed admin and you’ve got a power user that wants to do some mass changes in Salesforce, but you don’t feel 100% comfortable giving them free reign to mass update data.

Your Salesforce instance tracks Accounts…

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If you’ve read the Architect’s Guide to Record Triggered Automation, you already know that compared to Process Builder or Workflow, Salesforce Flow is better suited to meeting the increasing functionality and extensibility requirements of Salesforce customers. What you may not know, however, are the high-level issues and best practices that…

Check out my newest post on UnofficialSF that highlights an action I just finished up that can compare two collections of like/unlike types to return the unique and common records between the two!

There’s no way around it — Account hierarchies are frustrating in Salesforce. Do you need to report on all the relationships each account has in the full hierarchy? Good luck!

Imagine Company A has 3 children, and each of those 3 children have 3 accounts. Every account has relationships to…

Over at UnofficialSF I posted two cool actions I found in the Salesforce Discord Community.

One annoying thing I’ve found with building collections inside flow is that if you’re trying to reference a formula field and make it the value for a new record, it might not be accurate. Before these actions I had to either re-query the records in question or I had to create them, re-query them, then use the formulas. This solves all of that! Now, depending on if the records exist yet, you can just run a recalculation action to get the latest formula fields on the records!

Super handy stuff.

With Flow taking center stage in declarative automation in Salesforce, it has become increasingly imperative to create modular and reusable Flows wherever possible. How do you do this? Subflows.

Unfortunately Subflows are not supported with the new Flow Triggers (Before-Save, After Save, and coming soon Before Delete) — which is…

Given the popularity of some of my posts on and LinkedIn I thought it make sense to create my own Blog and post neat little tidbits I find in the Salesforce world. Given how finnicky Wordpress is I thought I’d start with Medium until I have more time to devote to setting up a dedicated Wordpress space.

Stay tuned!

Adam White

I’m a Solution Architect at Salesforce based in Richmond, Virginia and a contributor to Any opinions expressed are my own and not Salesforce’s

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